Permalink is a URL that points to a specific content of astah* share.

By specifying this URL in web browser, you can directly access a specific content.

Permalink format

Permalink format is specified like this below.

Domain Name and Port number are different on each permalink depending on the environment that astah* share is run on.


Supported Contents

Currently Permalink is applicable for following four content types.

Content type content_type Example
Project project #project=128
astah file astahfile #astahfile=256
Diagram diagram #diagram=64
Comment comment #comment=512

How to obtain Permalinks

The URL shown in URL bar is a permalink of content that currently displays in the screen. (Except for Permalink for comments)
By passing the Permalink to other people, they can see the content directly by simply specifying it in URL bar.

URL bar

How to obtain Permalinks of comment

Obtaining a permalink of comment is different than others. There are two ways to do so.

Using a Comment list

  1. Double-click target comment in Comment list
  2. The selected comment will be displayed in the center of the diagram screen
  3. The URL in the URL bar becomes the permalink of this comment

Using a Permalink button

  1. Open a diagram that includes target comment you want to get a permalink of
  2. Move the mouse over target comment
  3. A menu appears at top of the comment. Click Permalink button

    Using a Permalink button

  4. A permalink appears, select Copy or copy the URL in text field

A permalink dialog