Install/Uninstall Astah Share

Before you install Astah Share

Before you start installing Astah Share, please make sure that your machine meets all the system requirements.

TCP Port

Astah Share requires following TCP Ports.

Apache Tomcat

Browser - Port 7080 is required for HTTP connection between Tomcat

H2 Database Engine

Port 8082 is required to manage Web Interface

Port 9092 is required for JDBC connection

How to install Astah Share

Please read this through with Install Astah Share in the Tutorial .

The license file would not be set yet after you deployed the Archive Installer, so Astah Share will be launched as Free Edition.
If you already have a license file, set it up by following How to set up license file.
Administrator's email address and password are and jsadmin by default. We strongly advise you to change this information from User Management after the install is successfully completed.

How to install Astah Share on Windows

  1. Download an archive file(.zip) of Astah Share for Windows from astah Website
  2. Extract the archive file(.zip)
  3. Double-click "startup.bat" file to launch Astah Share
Since there is a limit on the folder path length on Windows, please make sure you extract Astah Share in the file that is appropriate path length. (i.e. C:\astah-share-2_6)

How to register to Windows service

Open a Command prompt and execute the command as follows.
Specify JAVA_HOME and CATALINA_HOME first and then register the service name, "astahshare".
You can name the service name as you like, but it should not have any spaces or symbols.

C:\> set JAVA_HOME=C:\astah-share-2_6\server\jre
C:\> set CATALINA_HOME=C:\astah-share-2_6\server
C:\> C:\astah-share-2_6\server\bin\service.bat install astahshare

Service name [astahshare] and its display name [Apache Tomcat astahshare] have been registered.

How to customize registered Windows Service

To change its display name, the JavaVM, Initial memory pool or Maximum memory pool, execute the following command and open the configuration screen.

C:\> C:\astah-share-2_6\server\bin\tomcat6w //ES//astahshare
In this example, Astah Share install folder is "C:\astah-share-2_6", please put your install folder name when you do this.

How to install Astah Share on Linux

  1. Download an archive file (.tar.gz) of Astah Share for Linux from astah Website
  2. Extract the archive file (.tar.gz)
  3. Open "" and "" files with text editor and then configure the environment variables (DISPLAY, JAVA_HOME, PATH) for runtime environment
  4. Execute "" to launch Astah Share

Configuring environment variables -,

i.e. JAVA_HOME, PATH variables

Specify Java runtime environment to run Astah Share on. Please see the System Requirements for supported Java information.

export JAVA_HOME

export PATH

How to uninstall Astah Share

  1. Stop Astah Share
  2. Delete all the folders of Astah Share from the computer
Deleting all the Astah Share install folders will delete all astah files, diagrams and comments that were registered with Astah Share. We strongly advise you to backup them before you uninstall in case you want to keep them. For how to backup, please refer to Backup

How to update Astah Share to version 2.6

Follow the step below to update Astah Share to version 2.6 because updating to version 2.6 by installing it doesn't let you to use old data you used in version 2.5 or earlier automatically.

  1. Stop Astah Share 2.5
  2. Install Astah Share 2.6 into a separate folder than Astah Share 2.5 is installed (Do not run Astah Share 2.6 yet)
  3. Delete %Astah Share 2.6 Install folder%\data
  4. Copy %Astah Share 2.5 Install folder%\data to %Astah Share 2.6 Install folder%\data
  5. Open %Astah Share 2.6 Install folder%\dbmigrate.bat with text editor and set a path Astah Share 2.6 Install folder for "set ASTAH_SHARE="
  6. Run %Astah Share 2.6 Install folder%\dbmigrate.bat
  7. Run Astah Share 2.6
If you are using Linux, use instead of dbmigrate.bat at step5.